Sacrament of Baptism 

So, you have decided to have your child baptised! Naturally, we think that is a great idea.  By reason of your child’s Baptism, he or she enters into a specifically Christian relationship with God who already loves him or her as an utterly unique individual made in His image and likeness.  Your child will baptised into the life of God;  it is our prayer that he or she will come to know God as our Heavenly Father, the creator and sustainer of the universe, as his beloved Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour, teacher, brother, and friend, and as the Holy Spirit, who dwells within each one of us and draws us by the power of love into the life of the Holy Trinity.

It is also our prayer that your child, inspired by your own example, will live out this relationship in the company of all of his or her new brothers and sisters in Christ, who are the Church, the community in which we learn the love of God and the love of neighbour.

So, Baptism is something which is the beginning of something very big, at least, it can be, if we allow God to work within us.

Role of Parents in the Sacrament of Baptism of their Children

The child is Baptised in the faith of their Parents, Godparents and of the Church. Parents are responsible for bringing their child to the Sacrament of Baptism as soon as possible, after birth. Except in case of necessity, the church is the usual place of Baptism.

Role of the Godparents

Godparents are chosen by the parents to assist in helping the child to live up to his or her baptismal dignity. A Baptismal candidate may only have one or two godparents (also called sponsors).

if two are chosen, they must be one male and one female.

In order for someone to be eligible as a Godparent, they must;

  •      be chosen by the parent/s
  •      have the ability and the intention to fulfil the role
  •      be at least 16 years of age
  •      be a practising Catholic,
  •      be a good role model for the one being Baptised
  •      be neither the father nor the mother of the child.

A Baptised person who belongs to another Christian community may be a “Christian witness” provided that there is at least one Catholic Godparent who fulfils the above criteria.

An unbaptised person cannot be a witness (Code of Canon Law, cc. 872-874; Catechism of the Catholic Church 1255).

Both parents (together with the Godparents) present their child for this Sacrament in the ceremony.

Times for Baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism is usually celebrated on a Sunday but may, for a good reason, be celebrated on another day.  While a Baptism may be celebrated during a scheduled public Mass, it is more usual for the Baptism ceremony or liturgy to involve just the family and their relations and friends. Baptisms are celebrated here in the parish on Saturdays 10 am – 12 pm and Sundays at 12 pm.

Applying to have your child baptised

The usual procedure is for you to contact the Parish Office by attending personally at 3 Jane Street (or coming through the Easton Street entrance by the side of the church) or by telephone or by email.  The Parish Secretary will give or send you an Application for Baptism Form. Once you have returned the form to us we will confirm with you the date of the Baptism.

Baptismal offerings

If you would like to make an offering at the time of your child’s Baptism it would be gratefully received.  Your offering is not retained by the Priest or the Parish but forwarded to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Revenue Fund which supports all the clergy, active and retired, of the Archdiocese. It can be paid by credit card via the link to the left of this page (Make your Payment or Donation), or by delivering the offering in an envelope to the Priest at the time of the Baptism or the Parish Secretary at any other time (marked with your child’s name).

Parish Hall

It may be possible to book the parish hall for an after-ceremony function. Please contact the Parish Office on (02) 9810 1157, for further information about the booking.