St Joseph’s Catholic Church extends a warm welcome to those interested in learning about the Catholic Faith and the process of becoming a Catholic.

People from a variety of backgrounds and for many different reasons may express an interest in knowing more about the Catholic faith. You may be engaged to, or already married to a Catholic. You may be a member of another Christian denomination, a religion that is not Christian or have no religious affiliation. You may be looking for a spiritual home.

St Joseph’s Catholic community welcomes you, whatever your background.

As a first step, we encourage a casual meeting where we advise of the process of joining the church and answer any questions that the candidates may have. This process of providing information and assistance is to make sure that the enquirer fully understands the process of becoming a Catholic and is committed to proceed or not. This period of enquiry may take weeks or months until the enquirer decides and makes a commitment to proceed.

When you make the decision to join the church, a process called “The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” (RCIA) is commenced, which includes a mixture of instruction, prayer, questions and discussion on all aspects of the faith.

The length of time needed to complete the process depends on a variety of factors including whether the candidate has been Baptised into a Christian faith or is unbaptised.